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Caran d'Ache Neocolor I & II
Neocolor I Artist Crayons are not water soluble. They are water-resistant wax oil pastels that are loved by artists, technical designers, teachers and Fine Art students alike. Neocolor I crayons were created in 1952, and they have
excellent coverage, a smooth texture, very good lightfastness, and a high pigment load. There are 60 colors in all.
Neocolor II Aquarelle Artist's Crayons have excellent lightfastness, and are high in pigment concentration. They are softer than colored pencils, but denser than children's crayons. When you wet the color with a brush, they dissolve easily and are beautiful when used both wet and dry. The light colors can cover darker colors, and they can be scraped off to use with sgraffito techniques.
Neocolor II's are a unique product on the market, and they used to come in an amazing 126 different colors, but the product line has now dropped to 84. They bring out the kid in all of us, and remind us of most kid's first love with art- the use of crayons.
  Neocolor II
  Neocolor II
This is the 126 Color set, which is no longer made.
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