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  Faber-Castell   Albrecht Durer Water-Soluble Pencils Review
The Faber-Castell Water-Soluble Line has a hexagonal exterior, and some of the pencils have a lower lightfast rating than their Polychromos Line. These pencils come in a beautiful, logically arranged color selection. They are of high quality, and don't break easily, since their cores are glued. We have never come across one that had off-centered cores or was warped, even the very old ones. These pencils layer quite well. In fact, if you use exactly the same colors and layering techniquies as you do with the Polychromos, it is nearly impossible to tell that you were using a water-soluble pencil. However, you can easily blend the colors with a slightly damp brush, or use a wet brush and have a very different effect, that of more traditional watercolors. Some people break of the cores and make a puddle of paint, but this seems like a waste of pencil. You might as well use traditional watercolors if you want to paint with puddles of paint.
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Albrecht Durer Pencils- 120 Color Set
Albrecht Durer Magnus Watercolor pencils are the same as the regular line, but they are much larger in diameter. The cores are 5.3 mm, and they are available in sets of 12 or 24, as well as in open stock.
Albrecht Durer Color Chart- 120 Color Set
Please support our efforts by buying our pdf download of this chart HERE. It will have no watermarks, and will look great on your computer, tablet, and printed out for your studio.
This chart is in color order, and makes a nice way to arrange your pencils. It is interesting to note that the water-soluble pencils (Albrecht Durer) are less lightfast than the traditional pencils (Polychromos).
  Faber-Castell Lightfast Ratings
Reasonably Lightfast (fades in direct sunlight)
High Lightfastness (colors may change slightly in direct sunlight)
Maximum Lightfastness (no color change)