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Dick Blick
About the company
Dick Blick has been in business since 1911, providing aritsts with quality materials at great prices. They also have outstanding customer service.
Blick Studio Artists' Colored Pencils are made in the Czech Republic, very likely by Koh-I-Noor (a very good pencil making company), and distributed by
They were formulated to be similar to Prismacolors, but are even more affordable. Blick used feedback from the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) artist members and teachers in the development of these pencils.
The color lays down well, and blends together well. The sets have a nice range of colors, and when sharp, they do not snap and break easily as the Prismacolors do.
Blick Studio
Artist Colored Pencils
  • Artist quality water resistant colored pencils
  • Wax Based
  • 72 colors
  • Open stock and sets
  • Pencils are pre-sharpened
  • Sets come arranged in color order
  • Made in Czech Republic
Round pencils, with the exterior color matching the inside core. The cores are thick, 3.8 mm. Either end can be sharpened, but they come pre-sharpened, in color order, in a nice tin, and ready to go!
They are fade-resistant, with most of them having high lightfast ratings.

  Blick Studio Pencils
  Blick Studio Color Charts
Lightfast Ratings
These lightfast ratings come from the Dickblick website:
  Blick Studio Lightfastness
* Satisfactory
** Good
*** Very Good
**** Excellent
22063-7171: Apple Green***
22063-5911: Azure Blue****
22063-8141: Beige**
22063-7921: Bice Green****
22063-2021: Black****
22063-5101: Blue Green****
22063-5391: Blue Violet**
22063-3721: Bordeaux Red****
22063-8001: Brown****
22063-8271: Burnt Ochre***
22063-8051: Burnt Umber***
22063-4531: Cadmium Orange**
22063-4261: Canary Yellow**
22063-3161: Carmine***
22063-3151: Carmine Red***
22063-3451: Cherry Red***
22063-5181: Cobalt Blue*
22063-5381: Cobalt Dark**
22063-2811: Cold Gray***
22063-1101: Cream**
22063-5031: Dark Blue****
22063-8031: Dark Brown***
22063-2531: Dark Gray****
22063-7031: Dark Green****
22063-8211: Dark Ochre****
22063-7841: Dark Olive Green***
22063-4731: Dark Orange****
22063-4031: Dark Yellow****
22063-5211: Delft Blue**
22063-7051: Emerald Green***
22063-9011: Gold****
22063-9031: Gold Ochre****
22063-7251: Grass Green Dark****
22063-7241: Grass Green Light****
22063-2501: Gray****
22063-5561: Ice Blue***
22063-3251: Indian Red****
22063-5201: Indigo Blue**
22063-5021: Light Blue****
22063-8011: Light Brown****
22063-2511: Light Gray***
22063-7011: Light Green***
22063-4501: Light Orange**
22063-6531: Light Violet*
22063-4011: Light Yellow****
22063-7331: May Green****
22063-5121: Medium Gray***
22063-5931: Mountain Blue****
22063-4141: Naples Yellow**
22063-7861: Olive Green Light***
22063-4511: Orange****
22063-4831: Orange Yellow****
22063-7551: Pea Green***
22063-5781: Permanent Blue**
22063-6911: Permanent Violet**
22063-3061: Pink*
22063-5221: Prussian Blue****
22063-5161: Pthalo Blue***
22063-8071: Raw Umber**
22063-6721: Red Violet*
22063-7091: Sap Green****
22063-3081: Scarlet Red***
22063-9331: Silver****
22063-5071: Sky Blue***
22063-2601: Slate Gray***
22063-3761: Terracotta***
22063-3281: Vermilion***
22063-6511: Violet**
22063-1021: White***
22063-6741: Windsor Violet**
22063-4001: Yellow****
22063-5861: Steel Gray***