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Bruynzeel Colored Pencils
Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencils and Water-soluble pencils
Company History
Bruynzeel is based in Bergen Op Zoom, in the Netherlands. Bruynzeel has long been known for their colored pencils. They have now merged with Sakura and become Bruynzeel-Sakura.
The Design series of pencils are designed for artists, and are loved by botanical artists.
The Bruynzeel Designs come in a wonderful box with slide out drawers. The pencils have a slim, natural wood feel, but have a thick lead and vivid colors. They are very soft.
Bruynzeel Design
Artist Colored Pencils
and Water-soluble Pencils
  • Artist quality  traditional and water-soluble colored pencils
  • 50 colors in both lines (48 in the set, 50 in open stock; Silver and Gold only in open stock)
  • Sets, available again in the USA
  • Pencils are pre-sharpened
  • Sets come arranged in color order
  • Dry pencils match the Aquarel pencils
Bruynzeel also makes 12 degrees of hardness in Graphite pencils (including a lovely drawer-set with all 12).
Bruynzeel makes 48 pastel pencils, as well as a specialty set of sanguines, sepias, charcoals, and watersoluble graphite pencils!

Bruynzeel Design Pencils
The Bruynzeel set box is made of very sturdy cardboard, and the pencils are placed in well padded foam inserts.

The Design Colored Pencils (dry application version) come with orange drawers.

These are the top two drawers of the dry version of the Design pencils.

These are the bottom two drawers of the Design pencils.

You can tell at a glance that these are the Aquarel pencils, since they have BLUE drawers, which will remind you of water!

Top drawers of the Design Aquarel pencils.

Bottom drawers of the Design Aquarel pencils.

Bruynzeel Design makes this beautiful boxed set of drawing pencils, that range from 2H to 9B, in all 12 degrees of hardness. They have the same wonderful slide out drawer as their colored pencils.
Color Chart for Bruynzeel Design (Dry) Set of Pencils
Color Chart for Bruynzeel Design (Aquarel) Set of Pencils
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