Colored Pencil Info
Pencil Storage Solutions
Studio Use
A well designed wooden box will last for generations, and is a wonderful way to store and use your colored pencils. You can easily find the color that you need, and the box will close to keep the dust out when you are not using your pencils. The downside is that a well designed wooden box is difficult to find. They are almost never found empty, usually don't hold enough pencils, and even some of the expensive ones still have removable trays that you have to spread around.
A great way to organize pencils is to use jars or other jar-like container. You can put different colors in each jar if you have the room (yellows, greens, blues, etc.). The downside of this is that it can be difficult to find an exact color, and they can be knocked of your desk and broken, especially if you have a studio cat!
This lazy-susan type container was found in a local craft store, in the scrapbooking supplies. I will hold a lot of pencils, that you can arrange by color. The little drawers are good for holding erasers and such.
The ultimate in studio pencil storage is to find a store display. You usually have to beg, and offer to pay, a store that is closing out a line of their pencils to get one though. Sometimes you have to even buy all of the remaining pencils. But if you can find one, especially if you find one made for your brand of pencils, they are the best way to store your back-up pencils. Because we all know how easily it is to use several pencils of the same color on one painting. These displays tell you at a glance which pencils you have, and which you need to re-order.
Office supply stores often have really nice plastic pencil containers, especially near the start of the school year. The ones above were made in the UK, and are very sturdy and a great way to store extra pencils.
Craft stores often have Crayola tins, that are perfect for storing extra Neocolors in!

Portable options
Pencil cases are great, designed to protect your pencils and allow you to travel with them.
The Derwent Pencil Bag, shown closed and open above, is one of the best portable solutions to carrying pencils that has been produced. You can get extra 'leaves' for the case, and actually carry entire sets of BOTH dry and wet versions of Caran d'Ache or Faber Castell pencils - and there is still room for more! Plus pockets for extras like erasers, a tiny water bottle, a sketchbook, and a brush. There is a great handle on top, and a comfortable shoulder strap as well. It takes up very little space, and will not spill all of your pencils if you drop it, like a pencil tin will. Best of all, unlike the cases below, the individual pencils are easy to get in and out!
Hanging pencil cases can be folded up and taken with you, or hung on the wall in your studio. The book sort is very handy, and takes up little space in your luggage.