Colored Pencil Info
Felissimo makes colored pencils that used to be available in 500 colors. (They are now selling a much smaller set of 150 colors, that is shipped all at once).
The 500 Set Subscription (not currently available)
These were perhaps the only colored pencil in the world that really were not intended to be used. Ever. Why? Because they were available only by a monthly subscription. You got 25 pencils, once a month, from Japan. the packaging was about the worst on the entire colored pencil market, even including cardboard boxes for little kids. Their entire approach to these pencils was that you will surely want to buy the clear plastic display cases for them all and hang them on a wall for display. they are beautiful that way. But they were not intended to create art, the pencils WERE the art.
The colors ARE beautiful. It WAS tempting. But the quality to me felt pretty poor. The wood to me feels rather cheap, and the cores are more in line with very inexpensive pencils. The names are for the most part whimsical. Which might be fun, but do you really know what color Jaberwocky is? But you are not really supposed to use them. Because if you do, and sharpen even one, it would wreck your collection. And if you happen to actually try to make art with them and use up a pencil or two, the only way to replace them was to buy an entire subscription again. And wait for that color to roll back around! And no, they would not sell you all of them faster, no matter what. They say anticipation is what makes people so happy! So now you know. Wall art or make art? Your choice!
The 150 set, that is now available, is thankfully shipped all at once. The company pulled their favorite 150 colors from the 500 color set. These are supposed to be shipped in plastic cylinders.